The idea of this product emerged from our favourite playground of inspiration, the objects in our craftsmen’s workshop. Large plastic jerry cans are longitudinally cut and used as water baths, smaller ones are often sliced and used as waste bins. Today where most traditional utensils and vessels have transformed from terracotta and metal alloys to plastic, we took the other direction yet cheekily staying true to a form that is now widely made in plastic. Moreover, copper as a medium has been traditionally known for it’s therapeutic properties. In India water kept overnight in copper lotas is said to have cleansing properties when sipped. Here it is a quirky vessel that looks cool on your bedside table as well as on your study/work desk.
This product won the ‘Trends Excellence in Architecture & Design: Product(accessories)’ 2016. The Jerry Can was also shown at ‘This is India’ London Design Fair 2016 and was acquired by the Manchester Art Gallery as well as was on display for their year long show ‘South Asian Design’ that concluded in June2018.

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