Terracotta and concrete holy basil planters occupy prime space in front / inner courtyards of many Hindu houses in rural India. This product takes the urban consumer in mind who wants to stay connected to this ritual of worship of plants as a metaphor of God irrespective of religion, yet doesn’t have as much time or space to dedicate to maintaining a garden.
The copper planter uses low tech tapping technique wherein, the middle layer consists of a receptacle which has to be filled with water. A rope wick attached to the base of the planter above taps the water from here and feeds the plant.
The coves are to position tealights in whilst making a Puja
The form is an abstract of the holy basil florets, though it can resemble a UFO from a scifi comic. While it might not be an out of space planter it surely makes for contemporary indoor gardening in the current age.

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